7 Best Selfies of 2015 (The Best of Best International Edition)

selfies 2015

Selfie was an often used word, a fad and a trend till 2014. In 2015, it was mainstream. It was used for everything – from showing diplomatic breakthrough, to announcing new relationships and even showcasing events from outer space. So, what were the best selfies of 2015? Here is what our editorial team picked after scanning literally hundreds of verified Twitter accounts.

7KimYe and Hillary

To kick off, let’s start with three of America’s most talked about celebrity. Kim Kardashian, Kayne West and Hillary Clinton. Whether this gets her the minority votes or not, it sure did get the Retweets!

6Breakup selfies

Breakup selfies are not new but the cuteness with which they are posted and the celeb quotient of the poster makes it easy to like this one. Here, we go. Not many realized it when it was posted but now they do 🙂


Well, selfies have spawned a trend and there are selfies for everything. Selfies with your pets, with wild snakes (yep), with bridal dresses and more. However, even in our wild dreams did we not imagine that there would be a trend for #divorceselfie – so much so that Instagram has 300+ posts on this tag. This selfie can take credit for having started the trend for the divorce selfies of 2015.

4Miss Universe 2015

There was a huge controversy over Miss Universe in 2015. But all is well that ends well. Oh, wait! Meanwhile, see this beautiful Miss Universe in her beautiful selfie. What a good way to round of the year.

3Elephant in a Selfie

Well, human beings can click selfies we know. However, have you seen an elephant who is a pro at clicking selfies. Here is one of them. And, there are others where you can check the beautiful elephant clicked selfies of 2015. (Well, made up alright but we think this is a much better image)!

P.S. We highly recommend this Instagram handle too.

2Bollywood Selfie

The period from October to March usually turns up the best selfies. Is there something in the air or the season or just that there usually is the end and the start embedded in this time frame? Well, we don’t know but this selfie below would be voted as among the best Bollywood selfies of 2015 in any number of polls. And yes if there is a stud overload, we are so voting for it.

1Selfie From Outer Space

And the top selfie of 2015 is the one that actually happened right at the end of 2015. And this selfie is from outer space (no, the Martians did not descend). Well, maybe not Martians but the next best thing – Mars Rover (Curiosity). Don’t believe? See this. 2890 retweets so far.

And, we have a bonus selfie pic for our Indian readers. This selfie is from the selfie king Narendra Modi. This pic more than anything else before ensured that Modi is seen as the selfie king in the eyes of the world. And, because this was with the Chinese premier it literally sent the social media into a tizzy. So much so that even celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg liked it when it was cross posted on Facebook.


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