7 Male Celebrities Who Inspire Us to Set Extreme Fitness Goals

fitness goals

2015 may not have been the age of a Shahrukh Khan flaunting his six pack abs or a Salman Khan taking his shirt off, but it was a fantastic year to get some real celebrities set fitness goals for all of us. These celebrities transformed them not for a role but because they believe in a healthy diet and fitness. Let’s take a look.

Milind Soman
The main who has just one fitness Mantra – run. That is all. Run every day, no matter what your age, what your diet, what your region. Just run and in return look like Milind Soman looks at 50, which really is better than how most 25-year-olds look.

Shahid Kapoor
A man in a child’s body. A man who marries a girl 12 years younger and still looks dashing. A man who builds his body just enough. And, oh yes, someone who is a vegetarian and yet has an enviable body. Need we say more!

Sidharth Malhotra
Whether it was Student of the Year a couple of years ago or Brothers that released in 2015, Sidharth Malhotra has always projected himself as fit person. What’s more, he does not over exert, over train – which makes him the perfect model for men and boys.

Akshay Kumar
The world goes gaga over Shahrukh, Aamir and Salman when the real athlete above 40 is Akshay Kumar. Supremely lean, physically fit and athletic to the core, Akshay Kumar’s regime is more lifestyle than gym – swimming, waking up early, eating a balanced diet and finding physical activities when you can.

Varun Dhawan
Among the younger crop of actors, if there is one actor who takes fitness to crazy heights, it is Varun Dhawan. Well, crazy is a strong word. He is not bulky yet he is muscular, he is a dance freak yet he is not reed thin and he is not naturally good looking yet has a chiseled face. We think it is his dedication and sincerity. Hard to bear that!

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Karan Tacker
If there is one TV actor we adore, it is Karan Tacker. Supremely fit (and deliciously naturally good looking). But, he does not rest on his natural good looks alone – trains religiously and maintains a great physique. We wish naturally good looking people also maintain themselves like him.

Narendra Modi
From a well-balanced diet to power naps to Yoga, Modi ji does not leave a stone unturned in being fit. His face glows, his stamina is unbelievable and his charisma just keeps rising full on. We think it is his determination and knowing when his body needs rest [which is not much]. He also knows what regimen works for him and sticks to it.


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