7 Mesmerizing Places to Visit in North East India

The 7 Mesmerizing Places to Visit in North East India

Book some dates out of your calendar to visit the virginal North East India in 2016. It is because of the lack of knowledge and a popularity equal to none, that this part of India is less explored, which makes it one magical place to visit. We bring to you the best 7 places to visit in North East India, sooner or later, the choice is yours.

With its lush green stretches and glorious hills and plains with unique flora and fauna, Northeast India becomes the best for nature lovers to treasure its beauty for life.

7Unakoti, Tripura

7 Mesmerizing Places to Visit in North East India
Tripura’s Unakoti Hills with its rock carvings and waterfalls is the prime location for any visitor to Tripura. You will be mesmerised by the rock carved figures of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Nandi Bull and Maa Durga standing on the Lion. We highly recommend visiting Unakoti in April when the Ashokastami Mela is held.

6Dzuko Valley, Manipur

7 Mesmerizing Places to Visit in North East India
Known for its seasonal flowers and a countless variety of flora and fauna, the Dzuko Valley is located on the Manipur-Nagaland Border at 2,438 metres above sea level. With the arrival of June and September, a carpet of colourful wildflowers is laid and the valley becomes a perfect place for nature lovers and trekkers.

5Phawngpui, Mizoram

Phawngpui or the Blue Mountain is the highest peak in the state of Mizoram. The same is famous for Rhododendrons and Orchids. Phawngpui offers its travellers a magical view of hazel blue hills, which is no less than a fairy-tale.

4Phek, Nagaland

70% of Phek is covered with evergreen forests that bless the place with mesmerising beauty. The place, on the other hand, is richly traditional and cultural with Chakhesangs and Pochurys as its inhabitants. Dzundu Lake, Shiloi Lake, Zanibu Peak and Pftusero are some famous places to visit.

3Moirang, Manipur

Famous for the largest fresh-water lake, called Loktak Lake/ Floating Lake, in North East India, Moirang is the part of Keibul Lamjao National park, which is the largest refuge of Manipur Brown-antlered Deer or Sangai.

2Dawki, Meghalaya

Situated at the footsteps of Jaintai Hills, between Meghalaya and the road border crossing of India-Bangladesh, Dawki, also called the Umngot River, offers a beautiful view to the city. The river is also the venue of Annual Boat Race held in March.

1Majuli Island, Assam

Nestled in the holy River of Brahmaputra, Majuli is a large river formed by Kherkutia Xuti, an anabranch of the Brahmaputra, which is later joined by Subansiri River. The Majuli Island is a great place for bird watching.

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