Ladies Don’t Ignore These 7 Signs Of Vitamin-D Deficiency


Are you lately gaining a lot of weight or have vigorous aching bones? Go get your Vitamin-D levels checked!

A number of reasons can be explained why people today are not getting enough of Vitamin-D to stay healthy. The main problem is that we all mistake ourselves that by being on a healthy diet, we are getting all of the nutrients that our body desires.

You will be surprised to know that 80-90% of the Vitamin-D comes from sun exposure.

Stop layering yourself with those sunscreen lotions!!!!

1Having Aching Bones and Muscles

Our bones are the worse in winters when we are Vitamin-D deficient. People with the same often complain about stiff joints and muscles when they get up in the morning.

2Mood Swings or Getting Blues

Ladies! Stop blaming your PMS for your mood swings and irritation. The moods of a human are under the control of a hormone produced by our brain ‘Serotonin’. With the deficiency of Vitamin-D, we are 11 times more prone to depression and sudden sadness says a study conducted in 2006.

3Being Overweight

Vitamin-D is a fat-soluble hormone that is supposed to collect all the body fat. If you are an obese or overweight, you need to get more of Vitamin-D than a slimmer person does. Studies tell us that people with BMI over 40 have 18% lower Vitamin-D serum.

4Darker Skin Tones

A pigment in our skin called ‘Melanin’ gives the skin color. The darker the skin tone, higher is the Melanin that absorbs the UVB radiations from the sun that stops the production of Vitamin-D3. So, a person with the darker skin tone needs 5 times more sun exposure than the one with a lighter skin tone.


People with Vitamin-D deficiency may suffer from sleep disorders such as:
• Insomnia
• Excessive Daytime Sleeping
• Restless Leg Syndrome

6Decreased Endurance

People tend to get weak when suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin-D. They have decreased endurance and have reduced aerobic capacity.

7Sweaty Heads

In old days, the doctors used to ask the new moms and pregnant women about their heads being sweatier than normal which helped them know if the patient is Vitamin-D deficient. This symptom is the most prominent for ‘Rickets’ in kids.


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