Curious About akoyaBuzz?

You’ve come to the right place. We not only tell you who we are and what we do but also why we do it! Read on.


akoyaBuzz is the new age Internet Media Website. We create and curate stories from around the globe (with a bias towards India). Why India? Because, that is where we are (right now, at least)!

We are a young website. We launched in November 2015 and did a public announcement in January 2016. Things are still getting defined and they can be buggy. Just hang in there, give us feedback and we will zoom.


Yet another content portal?

We’ve never looked at it like “yet another”. We wanted to build something we were passionate about. And, we write what we enjoy writing. Our hope is you will enjoy reading and viewing our creations.

You guys look cool. Will you publish an article I wrote?

Thank you. And yes. We will consider publishing it. We can’t guarantee a yes but hey, if you are good, we may even consider publishing a lot of your articles 🙂

Why have the heck you used my article/ image without crediting me for it? Will you take it down?

We regret it. We source material that is back credited always. If you’ve found something that belongs to you and you want to take it down because of any reason, just contact akoyaBuzz. We will take it down.

I don’t like something you posted. How can I lodge a protest?

Mention us on your Twitter or FB handle. We will get in touch for sure.

I want to give you guys some feedback and tips to improve. What do I do?

Write to us immediately at [email protected]

Do you do content partnerships? For instance, write about our product or brand on a regular basis on your website?

Yes. Write to us at [email protected] (we don’t charge for this right now).


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