An Angry Rant on The Education System of India

I was born intelligent, but education ruined me.

Education System in India is a Mess

The education system in India is in need of a long overdue overhaul. We have become so mechanical that we don’t even think of changing anything. Few weeks back I was having a conversation with my boss about the breakthrough in the field of Education. If we look closely then we will find that since the Guru Shiksha era when the children were sent away from home to acquire knowledge and skills, the only innovation that has happened in the education system is in the delivery the content.

Now instead of sending the children away, we send them to schools where the knowledge is compiled in books. The advancement in technology has also made it possible to deliver this content via audio, video and virtual environment. Except the aforementioned, do you really think that we have done anything to improve the actual education system which is the foundation of our existence?

Plague of Our Education System

Teachers & Parents are acting like a plague in our education system. Their whole world revolves around the marks their students or children are scoring in the exams. This ideology has forced the students world of education to just revolve around the word: EXAMS!

What I find even more unfortunate is that females in rural areas are sent to schools because
(a) it’s a government regulation (compulsory education) and
(b) to find them a well-educated spouse.
Apparently according to parents, a 10th pass girl is more likely to land an eligible, well-educated bachelor!

Plague of Education System in India - Exams

I asked my second-cousin, “What do you think is the value of Education?” She casually replied “Money!”

This was an honest answer and it is a shock and an insult to the people responsible for putting this in the brains of a 13-year-old kid. Do we really want our future generations to redefine the definition of Education to Money? Has the spirit of the great learners and philosophers died in this nation?

Childhood is not only the beginning of a person’s journey of life, it’s also a brick in the foundation on which the nation’s future is built upon. Students are like clay and every parent is trying to craft them into a Doctor or an Engineer. God only knows what they are trying to prove by comparing their children to someone else’s.

Kids don’t want to learn. They want to play and/or want to be active on social media. But they are afraid of receiving an unimaginable beating should they fails to secure certain number in EXAMS. Their desires are being crushed. I’ve seen weeping eyes because of the mere philosophy that, “Education is only what matters in this world”.

Can the grown ups instead of imposing their will on children for once say,

“Fuck It! Do what pleases you and build your future in whatever you are good in?”

Parents, teachers, relatives, well-wishers and all the Tom, Dick and Harry who try to act as the concerned parties, get out of your hypocritical state of minds and try to embrace the real value of education. Your child won’t learn anything by Ratta learning, being afraid of you or by comparing them to other kids. Please don’t be a victim of this pointless, unrealistic and virtual rat race.

Teachers are supposed to be role models, not nightmares! Make students learn in ways they want to learn. Understand them, encourage their creativity and dreams, and be innovative. That’s the only way you can help them achieve their real potential.

State of Government Schools and Colleges

Government School India
Based on my personal experiences and conversations that I have had with teachers and professors now and then, the percentage of people who actually want students to learn something is frightening very less. If you go to a stereotypical school/college, you will find that the faculty at most of the times is not even qualified to teach. And when I say ‘qualified’ I don’t mean “on paper” or “on the certificates”, I mean mentally/socially/bloody humanly.

Are the teachers paid to enhance knowledge?
Are they being judged by the number of students that are happy learning what they are forced to learn?

No! Our education system is designed to pay them for getting the syllabus completed! Beyond that, they are least bothered to use their minds on creating environments which might actually help students grow. Any student who scores more than 70% is tagged as their “favourite student” anyone short of that, lands in being the victim of mockery and is laughed upon. They make fun of risk-takers. Innovation is being highly discouraged and the spirit of innovation is being killed.

The lines of one of my professors in college still strike me as the pathetic root cause of this whole problem:

“I don’t give a rat’s ass if you study or not, I am getting paid, I will be here, students like you will come and go. It’s your loss, not mine!”

Really? Is that what you would want the teacher to feel when it comes to your own kid?

Now I know it is a bold statement to make that teachers and parents are acting as a plague in the education system. But I am not saying all teachers fall into this category. My apologies to all the teachers who belong to the other category, it’s just that your ratio charts are not in your favour.

We have some excellent Institutes like IIM’s. But they are meant for the rich and affluent. Students from middle class take loans to enter these Institutes and keep on repaying it for so many years.

Sad to say that life is difficult for the ones who want to make a difference.

It is a humble request to all the decision makers: just for once sit peacefully & think about building a new education system which helps in creating willing and passionate innovators, artists, scientists, thinkers, writers, teachers, entrepreneurs, politicians, economists, philosophers, musicians and so on…

I would very much be interested in knowing the answer to this question.

Can we make it happen? Can this so-called millennial generation lay the foundation of an education system where innovation is encouraged and not made fun of?


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