Armed Militants Attack Pakistani University

armed militants

Today armed militants staged an attack on a Pakistani University. Using the thick morning fog as a cover, the attackers chose a perfect day to attack as University was celebrating the founder’s day with 3000 students and 600 faculty members in attendance.

Pakistani provincial home minister, Mehboob Khan, said that there were 4 heavily armed militants who killed more than 21 people although eyewitness account even more.

The attack seems to be in retaliation to the military operations against the Taliban group after an earlier attack in December 2014 on a school which killed 145 people including 135 children, just 40 km away from the University.

According to army spokesperson Asim Bajwa, the terrorists used grenades and were firing openly. A student survivor Zaheer Khan said he saw his chemistry professor shot in the head while advising students to stay inside. He also said the attackers were of his age, very young, carried AK-47 and wore jackets like the forces do.

One victim was seen saying, “We were in happy mood celebrating the founder’s day of our University. Suddenly some men with guns start shooting at us then they catch some of my best friends and start shooting them one by one in the head, leaving no chance of their survival, as I watched crouched in a corner waiting for my turn thinking, should I do something or just wait for all of my friends to die.” He also revealed as counting more than 50 dead bodies himself.

The gun battle ensued for several hours before the operation was over. Ambulances gathered outside the campus to attend the wounded. Parents were seen crying openly and consolidating each other.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif deeply grieved over the sad incident of the terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University, Charsada, which has reportedly resulted in the loss of precious human life and injured many others,” a statement from the prime minister’s office read.

He also said that those killing innocent students have no faith and religion.


  1. Dastardly act by some sick minded heavily armed persons. UNO should take strict measures to eliminate such terrorists. My sympathies with the wards and kins of those kids in this ghastly act. May their souls rest in peace. Lets all in the whole world unite in dealing with such persons. I appreciate the action of the Professor who took up with the terrorists with his pistol or the arm whatever he had with him.


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