Becoming someone’s yesterday, today & tomorrow. “Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?" That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at...
Kill Me or Let Me Be

Kill Me or Let Me Be

I give you an option either kill me before my birth, if not then give me a society where I can live in and not where I barely survive!
It always fascinated her to see how clouds shed themselves as if they are unloading the burden of thousands of people like her who did not weep. Her love for rain had grown with her.
We expose the roses, who shows the thorns. We tend to run away and handle all by ourselves because we see being vulnerable as a sign of weakness.
The kind of life you live is nothing but the reflection of what's going inside you. If you could make peace and be happy inside, Life can be seen without any fear.
Numismatics, the term associated with the art and science of money is one of the most followed hobbies across the globe.A numismatist is a history lover.
Students are like clay and every parent is trying to craft them into a Doctor or an Engineer. God only knows what they are trying to prove by comparing their children to someone else’s.
4 ways to help you get through the pain of flight into boredom. Next time you are flying just make sure you are following these tips.
Mohan Heritage Park, a religious complex built at Ashwani Khud (near Solan) offers the visitors a pleasant retreat from the bustling city life. Set amidst the scenic Himalayan Mountains, the park is set atop a hill with the view of a nearby flowing stream downhill.
After months of planning and research, finally, it was time for me to board the flight to Jordan. In my research, I came to know about Jordan Pass and I would recommend every traveller to get Jordan Pass for best travel experience in Jordan.

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