Today armed militants staged an attack on a Pakistani University. Using the thick morning fog as a cover, the attackers chose a perfect day to attack as University was celebrating the founder’s day with 3000 students and 600 faculty members in attendance.
Netflix like its global services allows you to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV show episodes over the Internet on your TV via a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, or any other Netflix-enabled device. You can also watch the content instantly on your computer!
Tinder has set up its first International office in New Delhi. India recently crossed billion mobile phone subscriber base and has the potential to be the largest market for the number one dating app.
Owners of Xiaomi Mi4 LTE models can now enjoy Windows 10 Mobile on their smartphone by flashing the new ROM released today. The LTE model is not available in Indian market.
Zeta Meal Vouchers App removes the hassle of carrying paper books, lost vouchers and simplifies life for HR managers. Why did no one think of this sooner?
Netflix entry into Indian market may have raised the heat on existing players like Shemaroo, UTV, and BigFlix, however, these two companies are not breaking any sweat.
The Singapore Motorshow which was held after a six-year hiatus in 2015 will be making a return for the second consecutive year between 14-17 January 2016!
Uber Engineering Centre in Bangalore will be hiring Software Engineers and Product Managers to support its business in India and Asia Pacific.
ISIS fears this country and it is not the United States of America (is anyone afraid of them any longer)? It is not France. It is not the United Kingdom and it is not even Russia. No, it is not China either. And while we are on it, it is not Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Turkey or UAE or Kurdistan.
Samsung is expected to finish development of Galaxy S7 by the end of January and start mass-production from February. As per news coming out of Korea, this year Samsung will be following Apple's policy and releasing Galaxy S7 in 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch.

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