Facebook Like Button Just Got Expanded Reactions

We "love" them.

facebook like button expanded

In a major update, Facebook Like button will be getting expanded reactions tonight for iOS, Android and the web. This new feature had been in development for over a year. You’ll now be able to react to your friends posts with something other than Like. Long press on the Like button and you’ll now see expressions like love, haha, wow, sad, and angry.

To determine an initial set of new reactions, Facebook looked at the one-word comments people left the most on their friends’ posts, as well as analyzing the sentiments in the most popular stickers posted as comments.

“It was really important to us that this was something that could be universal.”

The new mix of reactions has been popular with users during its testing in Spain and Ireland. There’s is still no “Dislike” button, as some users have long requested and it could be said that the demand for Dislike button was what prompted Facebook to look at expanding the reactions.

How Does New Facebook Like Button work?

When you scroll through your feed you will still see the Like button on every post. All other reactions are hidden beneath Like button and you need to long press the Like button in order to access them. On the web, you can access them by hovering over the Like button. These reactions will be available for both Individual and Facebook Pages posts. Now you no longer you have to tolerate those troll FB pages on your timeline.

It remains to be seen how people will take up to these reactions. Whether they go overboard in their use of reactions or do the Like hungry marketers find a new way of exploiting these reactions. Let us know which Facebook Like Button emotion you will use for expressing your feeling for this new feature.

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