Farhan Akhtar Divorces his Wife Adhuna

Farhan Akhtar Divorces Wife
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Well, like everything in life, we have a good notion about some things. Farhan Akhtar’s perfect behaviour and life was one such thing. Well, no more. The hot news of this hour is: Farhan Akhtar Divorces his wife.

Director-actor-singer Farhan Akhtar has split with his wife Adhuna after being married to her for 15 years.

The rumours and media speculations had reached a crescendo recently about all not being well between Farhan and Adhuna. The rumours intensified even further when Adhuna was nowhere to be seen with Farhan during the release of his film ‘Wazir’ and Daboo Ratnani’s calendar launch. But now, the couple have officially announced the news in a media statement.

The media statement released by the couple is: “This is to announce that we, Adhuna and Farhan, have mutually and amicably decided to separate. Our children remain our priority and it is immensely important to us, as responsible parents, that they be protected from unwarranted speculation and public glare. We sincerely request that we are given the privacy that is required at this time to move forward in a dignified manner.”

Although the couple hasn’t revealed the exact reason for the split, there have been recent reports about Farhan being too close to one of his co-stars.

On Twitter, Farhan Akhtar did not have much to say on this. Except for positive news about Wazir and this news:

However, the news outlets have broken the story on Twitter on Farhan Akhtar Divorces his Wife Adhuna :

Meanwhile, these are the photos of both of them with their family in happer times:

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  1. Well that’s a deal. Married for blissfully for 15 yrars, decided to part ways peacefully. OK no fuss. Cannot be a better deal than this to part ways amicably if not pulling well than leading a life replete with litigation police lawyers courts and pressure from within and known. I would say a good deal. Everyone has right to live life of his liking.


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