Flight Into Boredom – How to Get Through the Pain

4 ways to help you get through the pain.

a flight into boredom

Welcome aboard the flight! Welcome to the most boring place on earth. Well, it’s not on earth per se, yet let’s not get bogged down by myriad details.

So, any guesses where this place is? Yup, you are spot on. An Airplane.

Yawn, just sitting here makes me feel bored. And when you come to think of it, what I’m saying here is actually a contradiction, because normal people actually should enjoy the disconnectedness that a plane journey offers. (Hell, people actually PAY to be away from civilization).

Hmm, disconnected indeed, but the level and intensity of it is what bothers me no end. I mean you are cut away and out from anything and everything.

Yes, yes, you do have that iPad and iPod and more [email protected] to waste your time on, but seriously, it’s almost like “because I have absolutely nothing to do and no one to talk to, I will ensure that I do nothing and while my time on more iNess”.

I know countless people, at this point, will stop reading further. Because these jet-setters having been-there-done-that, don’t really identify with the nonsense I’m doling out here, or do they?

You can easily identify this breed. Everything they do is to the T, and I mean a T and not an S or an O or whatever.

Their luggage is minimal yet complete, their clothes are professional, clean (and God knows how crease-less), but not over the top. Their look focused, here and yet somewhere else too.

Yes, you know this Jetter in a second.

Personally, I HATE them. Not because I have something against them. No. But because these are the very people who make planes boring and lifeless and dull and yawn.

For them, the flight is 2 hours of no emails to check and messages to reply to and calls to make and answer. Then again flying can be a breeze, the short 2-hour kinds, if you do something: Plan!

So here’s my take on how to make an utterly boring flight experience, slightly less boring.


First, make sure your dead tired on the day of your flight. Rest assured you will sleep through it. I’ve learned that sleep is by far the best medicine for boredom in a slightly confined surrounding.


If sleep isn’t boring for you, music surely must be. I generally load my device with an hour plus of absolutely new music. New here means by genre and not recency.

3Insta man!

If you are the photo bug, then Instagram is just the perfect TP (timepass for the less initiated). I admit it that I spend hours trying to tune up some of the brilliant pics that I have taken.


But then again, if you are the people connect type of person: talk. To anyone and everyone. You might get into some fine conversation with the people next to you, but chances are slim.

That’s just about it. I would love to hear how you manage your time aboard the Flight to Boredom.

Now let me catch up on that much-needed nap on this oh so boring flight 🙂

– Aboard some flight from somewhere to somewhere.


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