Game of Thrones is Most-pirated TV Show for Fourth Consecutive Year

game of thrones

For the fourth time in as many years, Game of Thrones is the No. 1 pirated show of the year. With estimated 14.4 million downloads on BitTorrent, Game of Thrones had twice the downloads of the number two placed show, The Walking Dead.

To combat the shows piracy, it was offered to non-cable subscribers of USA via HBO Now service. However, first four episodes of the show were leaked online in the first week after the show aired and more than half of the downloads occurred during this week.

Show’s director David Petrarca is not concerned with the increasing torrent downloads and believes that the buzz which is generated by these pirates adds to the popularity of the show. HBO still holds exclusive rights for Game of Thrones and experts believe that this exclusivity and limited availability breeds piracy.

The show broke an all-time record for illegal downloads last year when more than 258,131 users shared the same Game of Thrones torrent file simultaneously.

The sixth season of Game of Thrones will be airing in April. Will it break all-time records yet again? All the possibility sounds like it.

The Big Bang Theory, Arrow and The Flash round of the top 5 list of the most downloaded TV show on BitTorrent as released by TorrentFreak.


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