How Twitter Lost It When Modi Walked On Between The Indian National Anthem


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently in the news for not having taken even a single day off since he took charge on 26 May 2014, raised many eyebrows in Moscow on the first day of his two-day visit for the 16th India-Russia annual summit.

Modi, known for his crisp manner of speech and brisk functioning, accidentally walked past the guard of honour accorded to him while the Indian national anthem was being played after his arrival on Wednesday, reported PTI.

According to videos telecast and shared by several national news channels, it seems like Modi misinterpreted a gesture made by a Russian official, thinking he was being asked to walk ahead. But he was soon gently pulled back by another official to come back and stand still as the national anthem Jana Gana Mana was playing.

After he realised his faux pas, Modi immediately stood erect in attention because as per convention, a person is supposed to stand still when the national anthem is played.

The social media, of course, lost no time in reacting to this major gaffe by the PM.

The Congress was vehement in its condemnation of Modi’s mistake:

Then there were these hilarious sarcastic comments flooding the timelines:

But there were many others who thought that PM Modi’s mistake was unintentional:

Source: HuffingtonPost India


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