Just the basic needs or are we chasing a fantasy?

just the basic needs

Just the basic needs or are we chasing a fantasy? What do we really need to live?

It’s definitely the most important question for me right now.

There are the basics: food, clothing and shelter. But what about things that define us?

Once we get beyond the basic needs, we often make things more complex than is necessary. That said, there are things that make life more comfortable, so we trade extra complexity for some superficial benefits.

just the basic needs
Tahir and Azaan

It was at the Manasbal Lake that I first met Tahir on my Kashmir Trip. There was something in his deep blue eyes that made me instantly connect with him. He was assisting his father Azaan, who made his living by catching fish from the lake and giving boat ride to tourists.

Till now I had only heard of stories about how beautiful Kashmir is, and now here I was, living every moment of it. I asked Azaan if he would allow Tahir to be my guide for the trip. “I think he will be happier being with you than staying here with his old man”, said Azaan with a smile on his face.

They make little but are content. Living in a self-made wooden house, breathing in fresh air, living near nature with love and trust all around. They think highly of themselves and love their life. My curious mind couldn’t control itself and I had to ask, “Isn’t it difficult living like this?”. He answered so very peacefully, “It’s very easy this way”.

Since then, I have been reflecting on my life. For me, Simple seems so difficult. I’m a slave to mobile devices, fast life, loud sounds, bright lights, computers or whatever. Focusing on the simple things, things like nature, love for your neighbours, getting up early and sleeping before 9 seem like a task.

just the basic needs azaan
Azaan and the nature

Simple is the new complication!

What part of my life would I want to reduce, cut back or minimize?
Can I is the real question??

It was not long ago that I was in Shimla and the only thing I wanted was Sun. Sitting in the balcony of my hostel, sipping hot cocoa and reading Paulo Coelho, I would stay like that for rest of my day.

What happened? When did I cross the line into too much complexity? Is it that I thrive on complexity? It maybe but, I prefer simplicity. How can I really find myself streamlining my complexities?

What exactly do I need to live and for me it would not be existence?

Trying to figure out what would work best for me….

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  1. Well, like every other story, there are two sides to it, and most people will decide to go with the one that correlates best with their lifestyles. If you ask me, I would prefer a slightly complex life to a “simple” life. That gives me the luxury of, say, using all those electronic devices (one of which I am currently using to comment on your article). One good thing about life is that it’s yours – you can make it as complicated or as simple as you want. It is about getting your priorities right and living with them.

  2. Vinnu Bhardwaj- Thank you for your thoughts. Really Appreciated!
    My mind settles for the fact what ever works for you, works for you as its your life.
    Its all about knowing your priorities and living them most importantly.


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