Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1: What Just Happened!

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Legends of Tomorrow is here finally and the pilot episode had everything happening at a warp speed. The creative team behind Legends of Tomorrow have used the Arrow and Flash to build up to the season opener and therefore, we have very little character building. Rip Hunter is probably the only character that we know little of, rest of cast we are familiar about.

Here are top 7 moments from this week episode. Careful for Spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

7Vandal Savage is Alive Afterall

Vandal Savage is alive and he is destroying the world in future. As Rip Hunter will explain to the team, he cannot be killed unless Hawkman and Hawkgirl give him a killer blow. We have not been given any information on how he got resurrected after being defeated by the Arrow and Flash team. All the clues point towards Malcolm Merlyn’s hand in it.

6Meet The Time Masters

One common theme that has been consistent with time travel theories is that if you change any event in the past, it will have a ripple effect in the future. There should be no surprise then when Time Masters refuse Rip Hunter’s arguments and focus on preserving the timeline. Their argument is simple, if we stop Vandal Savage it may lead to Earth being vulnerable to some other super-villain.

5Gideon is Back

Gideon was a huge part of The Flash in season 1 but we haven’t seen her this season. In the last episode of The Flash, we saw Gideon for the first time this season when original Eobard Thawne enters the current timeline. And now it turns out that Gideon is the computer which is driving the wave rider around. We can safely assume that Gideon is some sort of a computer system which is mass produced in future or is available to people with super powers/technology background.

4Let’s Travel to 1975 For a Surprise

Rip Hunter travels back in time to January 2016 and starts assembling his Legends of Tomorrow team. He convinces them to join the team by telling then that they are considered Legends in the future. The team now travels back to 1975 to meet Professor Boardman who is considered as an expert on Vandal Savage. To everyone’s surprise, it turns out that Professor Boardman is actually the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl from their previous life.

3Rip Hunter is Not The Only One Time Travelling

Cronos is a bounty hunter from the future and Time Masters have employed him to catch Rip Hunter and bring him back. He is the first villain which the team has to fight off and it is after the fight with Cronos that Rip Hunter drops the bomb on his team. We will probably see a lot of him in future episodes as well.

2Legends of Tomorrow Are Not Legends Afterall

Rip Hunter tells the team that he is not sent by the Time Masters to capture Vandal Savage and this his personal mission. He also tells them that he chose the team from the people whose life has the least effect on the timeline. If anyone of them dies in the mission, it will not affect any future events. This is like a TV version of the Suicide Squad. A team of misfits with skills that can save the world.

1Rip Hunter Explains His Motivation

The mother and son that Vandal Savage killed in the first scene turn out to be Rip Hunter’s family. That is the reason why Rip Hunter rebelled against the Time Masters and ran away with the Waverider to assembled the team which can take down Vandal Savage once and for all.


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