Leonardo Di Caprio’s Sikh Connection

Leonardo Di Caprio's Sikh Connection

Well, Leonardo Di Caprio may not be blessed with an Oscar yet but he is certainly blessed with a multi-cultural family. However, even you may not know of Leonardo Di Caprio’s Sikh Connection.

Read About Leonardo Di Caprio’s Sikh Connection

Leonardo Di Caprio’s stepmother is an Amritdhari Sikh. She dons a turban and also always wears the 5 Ks:

  1. Kesh – uncut hair and beard, as given by God, to sustain him or her in higher consciousness; and a turban, the crown of spirituality.
  2. Kangha – a wooden comb to properly groom the hair as a symbol of cleanliness.
  3. Katchera – specially made cotton underwear as a reminder of the commitment to purity.
  4. Kara – a steel circle, worn on the wrist, signifying bondage to Truth and freedom from every other entanglement.
  5. Kirpan – the sword, with which the Khalsa is committed to righteously defend the fine line of the Truth.

Peggy DiCaprio is Leonardo Di Caprio’s Sikh connection. Although, she is his stepmom, they are apparently very close. She has been seen at various award functions donning her traditional Sikh avatar. While she had embraced Sikh religion a long time back, she is donning turban and 5 Ks from the last two years.

P.S. Leonardo DiCaprio’s 6-year-old niece Normandie Farrar is currently living with her grandfather George DiCaprio (right) and grandmother Peggy (left) in Los Angeles after being ‘abducted’ by her parents to Texas. This sensational story was broken by Daily Mail.


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