Love: The Vulnerable One!

Love: The Vulnerable one!

It’s really interesting how we perceive emotions and think about them. We expose the roses, who shows the thorns. We tend to run away and handle all by ourselves because we see being vulnerable as a sign of weakness.

Not everyone is intellectual enough to know and demarcate differences in the kind of emotions they go through. Sometimes we are so glued in our own territory that we understand but we forget and most of the times let go.

Most of these emotions I see are superficial. You do it and then you expect it in return or vice versa.

Have you ever thought of just giving?
Ever thought of just taking?

I tried to, it takes a lot of strength. Consumes a whole lot of you to let another person in, and to let yourself into someone.

We often talk about being connected. Can we really when we don’t keep it real about the wounds and bruises in our life?

I have denied this feeling of letting people honestly care about me so many times that no longer remember that how it feelt to be cared for. I did not know that it was in any way possible to let someone else hold you, heal you and care for the damages that you have gone through over the years.

I am not saying that we need to let someone make unhealthy choices, its more about empowering. Its the feeling of love that is reciprocated rest all is secondary.

Learning to be vulnerable has to be practiced with caution. We need to be discrete about who we are vulnerable to. If someone cannot hold on to you in your everyday life they can never hold when time gets difficult.

The people who see you for who you truly are and love you in-spite of yourself these are the ones to be let in. These are the ones to trust. These are the ones with whom you can present the nude truth without fear or fancy dressers.

I have lived in the fallacy that needing makes you look weak, but I do not feel that way any longer. This need to expose myself to the truth, to deepest connection is what makes me more human.

I have felt the need to live as a whole person with warts and storms or what we might name them. But the first and foremost lesson here is, that it takes a hell lot of strength to accept you need someone.

It takes courage to trust, to let yourself find that anchor for your soul. It has to be a lifelong process.

Trust doesn’t guarantee or say the person will be there forever and similarly that you cannot love again. It’s your emotional capability to accept yourself to an extent that you are ready to expose your wounds with the hope of getting them healed.

These wounds that let the air of strength enter your heart through a connection or connections you make. This voicing of freedom from emotional baggage and Loving truly is what we need.

We need to let go of the shame of our imperfections and accept others with the openness to an extent where we know each one needs love like we do too.

Vulnerability in love makes you stronger and better empowered person. Carry the acceptance in the heart and let things fall in place for you.


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