She loved rain, but something changed!

She loved rain, but something changed!

She loved rain, but something changed!

It always fascinated her to see how clouds shed themselves as if they are unloading the burden of thousands of people like her who did not weep. Her love for rain had grown with her. The first breath after the shower which smells like earth made her alive. She felt liberated as she could wash off her eyes with the freshness of rainwater.

She used to get those metaphorical wings to fly. It was really the wanderlust that shower gave her which she adored immensely.

Though there is nothing that upsets her, it’s just the burden of humanity she carried with her. Her empathetic nature made her magical. A soul who wants to see everyone happy. She still had that innocence which made her stronger than any person I have known. Her sincerity and honesty towards life could make you love almost anything and everything.

What could be stranger was that she got fooled, cheated, ignored everything that made her judge people – “Knowingly”. She was always aware, rains taught her or she wanted to learn is hard to say but it was her habit to love like drizzle, pour it all on everyone equally irrespective of the person or the soul she touched.

She loved rain the ultimate drink to feed her soul, to get her going at all times.

What a fool!
What a soul!

I am no one to say anything but it’s for each of us to perceive however we want to look at her because she doesn’t care, neither do I.

Something strange happened!

Disappointment set in, something wronged her, something made her less human, she died a thousand deaths before this feeling crept in and disabled her.

The rain caused a disastrous flood and ruined everything she loved.

She saw her life being pulled away, by the very rain.

All that she stood for was rain and its nature which plundered her home. The very homes she carried in herself.

If the rain doesn’t care why should She?

The raindrops were definitely her epitome for all she stood by. Now she carried no communion for humanity, she is remorseless to everything and everyone.

All she is yet another Human Being!

Sometimes, like today while we shared that cup of coffee, Looking at the rain, reminded her of who she was. She wanted to walk in the drizzle once again. Wanted the tears to roll down her cheeks with no notice. Only She knows it how it feels not to be yourself.

Rain, Bloody Rain!!

Rain and Her: I wish to see this once again!
The showers falling,
Gently on her face,
Rolling through her cheeks,
Drenching deep into her soul.

Igniting the solicitude,
To let her escape,
Into the vacuum of silence,
Created by the pain she felt,
And pouring it all out.

Once again Rain should entice her,
Once again they should share the chemistry long forgotten,
Once again the waters of oblivion should fade.

She is capable of loving once again!


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