Mohan Heritage Park – A Peaceful Getaway From Chandigarh

Mohan Heritage Park

Chandigarh is situated at the foothills of Himalayas and for long Chandigarh residents have been travelling up hills for a weekend getaway. Shimla, Kasauli, Chail, Solan and Barog are some of the popular destinations for people looking to enjoy the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Today we introduce you to a lesser-known peaceful getaway, Mohan Heritage Park, located at a mere 2-hour journey from Chandigarh.

Mohan Heritage Park, a religious complex built at Ashwani Khud (near Solan) offers the visitors a pleasant retreat from the bustling city life. It is an architectural marvel in itself whose foundation stone was laid down by the former Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee.

Set amidst the scenic Himalayan Mountains, the park is set atop a hill with the view of a nearby flowing stream downhill. The mountain at the backdrop houses beautiful sculptures of Hindu Gods and wildlife found across India. There is a sculpture of Lord Shiva set between the mountains and there are plans to display water flowing from his hair to depict the mythological event of Goddess Ganga being brought to Earth by the Lord.

Mohan Heritage Park houses sculptures of various animals in the park which surrounds the main temple. One is mesmerized by the sight of Lord Krishna riding a 7 horse chariot atop the temple entrance. The entrance itself is a learning curve for young enthusiasts as it has sculptures of various saints on either side.

Lord Shiva Statue - Mohan Heritage Park

The main temple houses sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and depicts various mythological beings. The main deities worshipped include Lord Hanuman, the Nav-Durga and Lord Shiva. The complex vicinity also has a temple dedicated to Lord Shani and Panchmukhi Hanuman.

Mohan Heritage Park also has plans to expand further and display more cultural and mythological events in the near future. In all, one can say that the park is a wonderful architectural site which is unparalleled for the region due to its sheer magnitude and awesome landscapes. Do pay a visit to the park and share your experience with us on our FB Page.

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