Numismatics – A Royal Hobby

Numismatics – A Royal Hobby

The glitter of money has charmed humanity from the time it was created. People use it not only to pay off their expenses, but some even collect it as a hobby. Numismatics, the term associated with the art and science of money is one of the most followed hobbies across the globe. A numismatist generally is a history lover who likes to collect coins and/ or banknotes from different parts of the world.

Numismatics, My Story

People following this hobby are enticed by the variety of currencies circulating across the globe. I too was fascinated by this hobby when I was 8. One of my cousins had started a coin collection for a competition at his school. The fact that he was able to collect over fifty coins in a span of a month and secure the first prize made me follow this hobby. I was hoping that one day my school too would host such a competition.

Well, that never happened but this hobby started to take me in its grip and I started pursuing it more seriously. I would exchange Indian coins with my classmates who had been abroad and would be excited to add new countries to my collection. As I grew, my collection started flourishing and at 16, I had a collection of over 400 coins and 70 odd banknotes from 50 different countries.

I also came across websites which allow people to exchange coins amongst them. I soon created my profile at some of these sites and started exchanging coins with people across the globe. Soon, in a span of 3 years, I was able to take my collection to 1000 coins and over 150 banknotes from 120 nations. Not, only did I increase my collection, but I also made a number of great friends from countries that I had never even travelled to.

This hobby is a great way to add knowledge about people living in different parts of the world. Parents should encourage their children to take it up in addition to their normal hobby classes. There can be many ways to start your own coin collection and specialise in it. While most numismatists concentrate on collecting coins and notes differentiated by their appearance or country of origin, some even choose different categories suiting to their likelihood.

Some of these are as follows:

Collections focusing on a particular king/ queen:

Most of the colonial coins feature the portrait of the ruling monarch on their obverse. For, instance the portrait of the British Monarchs featured over all their colonies and territories across the globe. In modern day too, one can easily find the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the coins of various commonwealth countries like the Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, Bermuda, etc.

Numismatics – A Royal Hobby

Coin programs:

The US has been a leader in running coin programs that have been a hit among the collectors. It issued 50 quarter dollar coins across 1999-2008 with 5 coins per year. These coins featured all of 50 states followed by 6 territories featured in 2009. This was followed by the US Presidential Dollar program in 2007 which featured 4 US Presidents each year in chronological order. Currently, USA is running “America the Beautiful Quarters Program” with quarter-dollar coins featuring designs depicting national parks and other national sites.

Well, it is for sure that numismatics is a Royal hobby and does provide you a lot of knowledge apart from a beautiful legacy to pass on to your children.

Happy collecting!


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