Oneness – Secret for Pursuit of Happiness

Oneness - Secret for Pursuit of Happiness

“All differences in this world are of degree and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.”
Swami Vivekananda

It’s been 4 years, doesn’t seem so long that I started turning inward for a lot of things I saw in this world.

I could figure out everything is an illusion, the rules to live by, the society, the emotions.

Think of this, you are sitting in a room and whatever you see or feel is within you. Nobody is different from me. Anyone can insanely laugh at me for taking what doesn’t and might not make sense to the world but it’s through a conscious endeavour I could come to this realisation, nothing is different from me.

Sitting on a chair and looking at you, I can aptly say you are the reflection falling on my retina because light falls on. Both sitting & looking at you make sense because it’s what I am feeling the nerves in the brain are letting me discover it all.

So taking this as an example what I understand or believe is internal to me. If for once everyone could feel this there would be nothing in the world to be complained about. When there is no difference between you and me or him then there will be no problem at all.

I had read this and each of us knows for a fact that we all are energy forms. If we all are one big energy in this cosmos without any difference no one will need to know anything. No one would feel the need for comparisons, no one will be superior, no one will a beggar or whatsoever we call ourselves.

The Jargons we use to explain ourselves will subside and we could live in what is called peace.

Think about it, even in our school it was taught to us clearly, God is everywhere. Treat everyone the way you want yourself to be treated. They were telling us the same thing from beginning of time.

But did we follow this?

No, We want to feel miserable, we want to feel bad about not being good enough, or being good enough but now able to be the best. We want to prove something, cluelessly we keep moving forward directionlessly for reasons unknown, not realising it’s all a big circle. This is a never ending endeavour.

This race will lead us nowhere. Sit, relax and understand the real reasons and answers lie within you.

The kind of life you live is nothing but the reflection of what’s going inside you. If you could make peace and be happy inside, Life can be seen without any fear.

I am no Propagator to tell anyone the way to lead life. Just sharing an experience which makes me completely liberated of everything. It’s the pleasure that I want to share.

This feeling of oneness that I have been feeling with everything around me. The oneness with you which goes deeper than I can express.

We all are one and we all should be one.


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