Pathankot Does Not Weep, It Rocks!

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In our country, it takes an incident like the Nirbhaya case or a terrorist attack on Pathankot for the whole nation to join and ask for necessary actions. Just like others, my family was also following the media coverage of the Pathankot attack as the events were unfolding. As I watched in disbelief, I felt a strange pain in my chest. It was as if someone had taken away my soul. What was this connection? Why was this happening?

This was the city where I grew up. This was where I went to school and where my best friends are from. It was not the city, it was my heart that was under the attack. The attack was happening precisely at the place where I had written my board exams.

Even if I’m blindfolded, I can tell you where we are just by feeling the surroundings. I know every street and corner. When one has such a strong emotional connection with a city, it’s difficult to fathom as to why would it come under the radar of terrorists?

Though the attack was unsuccessful, we had to pay a heavy price for the victory. We lost 7 brave soldiers. My city has risen and nothing can break its spirit! After all, it has the strongest Army base in the whole of Asia and the city is as resilient as its Armed forces.

Like every other important city, Pathankot has seen changes over the years. Flyover, malls and big fast food chains have all spawned up since I left the city in 1999. But it still retains the old city charm. The tight streets, famous sweet shops, kids flying kites, women sitting on the roof top and gossiping over tea, the traffic in Gandhi Chowk and, of course, the pride of the city, my school, Convent School. Everything here reminds me of my childhood.

My family and friends cannot understand my love affair with the city. Why I jump up merely hearing the name and drop everything to find out what’s happening. I laugh and cry inconsolably with the good and bad news. When their eyes question, I reply back dramatically,

“You can take me out of Pathankot, but you cannot take Pathankot out of me”.


  1. Gd one dear….
    yes the attack came hard on all however it did prove one thing…united we stand ….
    Wr r always ready..bring it on..

  2. Rightly briefed all sums up how we are talking about growth and development whereas inside our religion is first and country second…
    Indeed the spirit of pathankot maintains and will continue….

  3. Very well described the dismay of a lover whose beloved soul is being attempted to be ransacked like a trembled idol!!!!!
    Proud of you Jemmi!

  4. Beautiful words have come from the core of heart. I know this city since 1967. I still remember when I had to spend a night on the bench of famous Railway Station Pathankot for catching a bus for my village the next morning. I love every street and nook and corner of the city. My heart blef profusely when enemy attacked its air base a few days back. All Pathankotians are equally cincernef. But sadly the political parties have found it a harvest time for votes. Alas the could understand the agony of this beautiful border city.

  5. Wow JJ. You just wrote what I told many people when it comes to board exams. Just like you I have also been away from My Hometown Pathankot for 20 years but now am back for good. During my stay away from here whenever I heard Pathankot and moreover Convent School there used to be a lump in my throat and heart beat used to be faster than usual. Coming to Pathankot attacks, well I am proud of the fact when the attacks were going on from both sides people here were cooler as usual. There was no sign of tension on any local person’s face. Hats off to Army and Air Force for working so hard till the last detail. It was equally sad to know of 7 untimely deaths of 7 Officers as well. May be this incident takes the Indian Government to a level where they can do much more than talking, talking and talking. JAI HIND. VANDE MATRAM…

  6. Everyone felt the pain but gradually we move on in our daily life. For someone like u who belongs from same place is really tuff to accept the KALA SACH. Ye desh hai veer jawano ka……….. JAI HIND

  7. It’s realy well written ……brings out almost my entire childhood…. n the loss n sufferings we all had to endure.
    I understand I m still an amature n silly in these soft issues just being in 1 year of …but I too am a Josephite n gave my board exams there…I left for my college the very next day of my advent in this beautiful world n most unlukily for me ,had to live to see my advent coinciding with this holocaust…
    Still I thank u for reminding us who we are , where we come from n that we won’t allow any1 to detach our love for Ptk till eternity….

  8. Comment: Very well written Jemima n I think it has touched the emotional chord of every pathankotia more so of people like me who r away from their hometown for last so many years n feel very nostalagic n it was very pleasing to see the church of St Joseph’s my alma mater Thanks


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