Pehlaj Nihlani’s Under Fire for Modi Kaka Video


Censor board chief Pehlaj Nihlani has gone overboard in his video Modi Kaka, a dedication to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Using visual from Tour De France, International Space Shuttle, Moscow’s International Business Center and the Dubai Expressway has not gone down well with the Information and Broadcasting Ministry as well.

It now appears that Mr Nihalani had made the documentary without clearance from the Information and Broadcasting ministry. “It is expected that if something is being prepared on the Prime Minister, the government should have been informed,” an official said.

Check out 4 stills from the video which show Narendra Modi’s hand in development outside India as well.

modi kaka

Pehlaj Nihlani’s whole tenure as the chief of censor board has been filled with controversies over his sanskari cinema movement.


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