Reliance Jio Launch: Bollywood Celebs Tweet The Exact Same

Reliance Jio Launch

Reliance Jio Bollywood and Twitter became a heady cocktail especially on the Reliance Jio Launch. could not have got a much better launch (well, they got talked about). So much so that all of Bollywood took it upon itself to start the #CelebratingJio trend on Twitter. However, there was one problem. All of them tweeted the EXACT same thing. Now, why could that be? It seems like everyone just copy pasted the suggested tweet sent to them by the Reliance Jio brand team, scheduled it and then forgot. And, boom on the day of the Reliance Jio launch, Twitter was full of the same tweet from different Bollywood celebrities. Don’t believe? See below:

However, not all was lost on the gray cells department of Bollywood. Some of the celebs did use a bit of their time and edited the promotion text.

Well, we sure have some respect for these celebs. For one, it does show that they do manage their account themselves 🙂

More worrying however was that none of these stars disclosed if their tweet was a promotional activity. The only Bollywood celebrity which has some connection with the service is Shahrukh Khan, he will be the brand ambassador for the Reliance Jio’s 4G mobile and broadband services.

Are there lessons for the Brand teams from this Twitter fiasco or buzz (depending on how you see it)? Well, for one, send each celebrity a separate suggested tweet. Second, keep the same hashtag so that only one hashtag can be popularized. And third, bombard all the celebrities you can. Reliance Jio did get 2/3 correct. Full marks?


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