Samsung Galaxy J7 for Rs 499 Only at Amazon [Spam Alert]

Samsung Galaxy J7 for Rs 499 Only at Amazon [Spam Alert]

Have you got the Whatsapp message that Amazon has come up with a never before offer of Samsung Galaxy J7 for Rs 499 Only? This offer is too good to be true and that is what it actually is.

The first rule to avoid falling prey to these phishing and scam offers is to stay away from the offer which is too good to be true. As more and more people get online to shop, spammers are coming up with new ways to lure people into their trap. The latest one is this Samsung Galaxy J7 for Rs 499 Only at Amazon.

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If you look closely at the message you will see that the spammer has copied the same design from Amazon and if you are not careful you will fall into the trap of leaking your personal information to these cyber criminals.

How to Avoid Cams Like Samsung Galaxy J7 for Rs 499 Only

If you closely look at the following telltale signs, you can easily avoid falling victim to scams like these:

  • The deal claim to be Amazon offer yet when you look at the URL, it is j7-mobile-flashsale/ As an Amazon affiliates, we would like to confirm that Amazon will never run deals which are not in their domain. If it’s a deal from Amazon it will be available on their website and on their mobile app as well.
  • The Seller Information and Rating are not clickable links. You cannot go and view other buyers comments about the seller when you click on the ratings or seller name. This is because there is no such offer and everything is fake.
  • Only Cash on Delivery option. The one thing that most e-commerce sites like to avoid is COD. They would prefer you use your Plastic money instead.
  • Human Verification on Checkout. Sharing the message with 10 other users or groups on Whatsapp is not what Amazon would come up with.

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The very first thing that my Manager told me when I joined ICICI Bank was that to keep my eyes and ears open. “You cannot fall victim to fraud when you are in Financial Institue.” These words also apply to your online experience. If a deal is too good to be true, verify it before divulging any personal information. Stay safe and alert.


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