Travelling Solo to Jordan – Chapter 1 Fear of the Unknown

Travelling solo to Jordan

I have always been a wanderer and have had my share of solo-weekend-trips to the hills of Himachal or desert of Rajasthan. The wanderer in me wanted more. I have often met solo women travellers from around the world in Himachal and this idea of travelling solo overseas always fascinated me.

However, my fear and non-stop metro life always got better of me.

As they say, a wanderer is never lost!

For me, travel has always been about getting lost and to be found by nature’s magnificent quality of showing you who you really are. It’s about stumbling upon great places with cultures and people entirely different from yours. And of course, it is also about creating new memories.

Giving another read to J. Krishnamurti’s “Fear of Unknown” and the echo of Richard Branson’s quote:

“Screw it, let’s do it!”

was the final nudge I needed to plan my first international solo trip.

Travelling Solo to Jordan - Petra
Rose City – Petra

If you want to do something you will find a way…

To be very frank; convincing my family and friends was not a cakewalk. In India, even men tend to be hesitant about travelling solo and here I was thinking of going abroad to an unknown destination between unknown people.

My friends understood but now I had to come up with a plan of hiding the “solo” part from my family, for the time being. Obviously, I decided not to tell my parents that their beloved daughter will be going to Jordan, alone until I come back. The obvious disguise was an official trip to expand WizIQ brand in the Middle East.

Honestly, the first thing I should have done after returning back safely was to inform my parent. For them even till now it was an official trip. But the fact that my colleagues and close friends knew about my adventure, gave me the sense of security I needed.

So it was all Ok for me.

Now coming back to the experience of travelling solo.

If I had to describe it in one sentence (which is not quite possible). I was dancing between the rifts of being happy at one moment that I am here all by myself & being scared the very next, by the newness of the world and an entirely different culture altogether.

I went through the euphoria of reconnaissance to the cold loneliness of knowing no-one, from the thrill of making new friends, to the sadness of continuously saying goodbye. You appreciate the luxury and at the same time feel empathetic to situations and circumstances of other beings.

I would say it was an eye-opener for me and I had this sense of accomplishment which I cannot explain.

Travelling to Jordan - Inner Musician
Channeling inner musician.

The best part about travelling alone is that you are own your own. Talking to people from diverse backgrounds broadens your point of view. Believe me, sometimes you start talking to a person and you just like them, it’s like a bond so strong yet detached at the same time.

Feeling of togetherness with no expectations of sticking together. Even if you don’t get to meet them again you do take a cherished memory that is yours to keep, forever!

In my last article, I had mentioned that I was already having mixed emotions about where my life was heading and this trip gave me time to reflect on things.

There were moments of solitude and it’s during these moments that you watch life go by and uncover new meanings. Your mind gets off the regular track and you experience stillness. It is purely meditative.

Hence, now I can very strongly say that I was:

“Basking in the essence of Solitude”!

Find out why I chose Jordan in my next article.

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