Travelling Solo to Jordan: Chapter 3 – Jordan Pass & Landing in Jordan

Jordan Pass and Landing in Jordan

After months of planning and research, finally, it was time for me to board the flight to Jordan. In my research, I came to know about Jordan Pass and I would recommend every traveller to get Jordan Pass for best travel experience in Jordan.

My Fiancé had been a pillar of strength ever since I confided to him about my solo travel plans. As we reached Airport I started getting cold feet and I was repeatedly telling him that I would not be able to go. I’m truly blessed to have a partner who not only supports me but my dreams. He understands my emotions and wants me to go all in on pursuing my dreams and living them to the fullest.

I was flying Etihad Airways and it surely is one the best airlines to travel with. After 8 hours the plane landed at Queen Alia Airport at 4:00 AM in the morning. Jordan has Visa on Arrival for Indians, so I went straight to the Visa office. I was so scared that I don’t know anyone and what if they deny me Visa? This is where having a Jordan Pass was a big help.

Jordan Pass

You need to pay 40 Jordanian Dinar for Visa in Jordan but there is a much more convenient option called Jordan Pass available on Jordan’s tourist website. The Jordan Pass is an ultimate sightseeing package that gives pass holders the ability to make the most out of their trip visiting top sights and attractions while saving time, money and stress. You get hassle-free prepaid entry at a reduced rate to over 40 attractions and waiving of Visa fees if you purchase the Jordan Pass before arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of three nights.

I got my Passport stamped but now there was an unexpected situation which I had not planned for. Jordan is 2:30 hours behind us and I had completed all formalities by 4:35 AM. Now I had nowhere to go until noon. I decided to stay put at the Airport till sunshine and spent my time juggling between beauty shops, Starbucks, currency exchange center, buying a local sim and the Internet.

I informed my parents that I have reached safely and my Mom asked how many people from office are traveling and where am I staying? Yes, right, for them I was on an official trip and we were promoting brand WizIQ with the help of Queen Rania who happens to be an Educational Philanthropist.

Jordan is very costly if you compare to India. For 20 km, via a taxi, they will charge you around 35 JD’s (1 JD ~ 100 INR) but I paid 5 JD’s for the shuttle bus. I was in the city in an hour and now I had to figure out how to go to the Paris Street. I called up Hawa Guest House, the place where I was supposed to stay but no answer. I guess it was too early to call.

I had no clue what to do and was feeling anxious, sleepy and little scared. This is where I met Elieza. We had boarded the same bus from the airport and we decided to share Taxi till downtown Amman. I found out that she had travelled to Mysore for a Yoga camp and since she seemed nice, I decided to go with her to her hostel and rest until noon. Then I would check-in to my place.

We woke up around 1 PM and went looking for something to eat and also see a few places in downtown. We both connected instantly and now are friends for life. I discussed and shared things with her that I would have never thought I could tell someone. We went to the famous Hashim Cafe, the best Pita & Hummus you can get in the world with most amazing Chickpea. Truly Amazing!

I took out the brochure I got with Jordan Pass, and after discussing with few locals, we planned our itinerary for the rest of the day.

Roman Amphitheater

Roman Amphitheater

This Amphitheatre has a seating capacity of 6,000 and dates back to 2nd century. Legend has it that even Hercules fought here. It also has an anthropology museum inside and you can see entire Amman from here.

King Abdullah Mosque

King Abdullah Mosque

Just another 2 km in downtown.



View of Citadel from my Guest house and actual Citadel.

I checked into my Hotel in the evening. What an amazing place it was. Had a cup of Tea and rested for a while as I already had dinner plans with Elieza. The Jordanians party well!

The cultural openness that I saw was in the evening was just amazing.

The first day in Jordan Well Spent!

If you are planning a trip that people actually want to hear about, Jordan (based on my experience) would be an excellent choice.

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