Women’s Wardrobe is a Dump Without These 10 Essentials

Women’s Wardrobe is a Dump Without These 10 Essentials

Women’s Wardrobe and Wastage of time are three different ‘W’s’ that when get juxtaposed often end up with a very common sentence

“I have nothing to wear”.

Women’s wardrobe is a linchpin for a few moments each day. However, time is one thing that flies and every Women faces the common challenge every day while juggling their home and work demands- “What will I wear today?”

Your closet experiences a plethora of trends that come and go, however, few trends become immortal and should reside in your wardrobe forever to avoid the above-mentioned questions. While some pieces might be costlier than others, having these key items will save you time and money:

1. A white T-shirt- Easy, Comfortable, and Adaptable

The simplicity and classiness of the white t-shirt make it an unerring option when you are unable to decide what to wear. The classic white tee can be worn in infinite ways. Pair it with skirts, pants, or jeans, it goes with everything and alleviates a lot of morning stress.

2. Evergreen jeans that make you feel comfortable

Having at least one pair of classic jeans is indispensable for every Women. You can always put it on and feel great. No matter how puzzled you are, your favorite jeans with a plain white t-shirt is an ideal combination that will make you feel confident while leaving the house.

3.Scarves can liven up a dull outfit

A scarf is a form of ornament that complements every Women’s look. Indeed, a scarf is a great accessory for women’s fashion and can transform you, giving you a perfect brand new outfit. Using accessories like a printed scarf with a basic white t-shirt and jeans can complete your look.

4. A pair of heels to lift your personality

A Women with good shoes is never ugly. It is important to find a good pair of classy heels that you can comfortably wear for the whole day. These heels will work perfectly well with every single item in your wardrobe. Pair them with your jeans, dresses or skirts; you are ready for any occasion with them.

5. Sunglasses to make you look cool

One of the must-have items for every Women’s wardrobe is sunglasses. They not just keep your eyes cool, but also make you look cool and dashing. Sunglasses add a glamorous element to your look. They are a staple fashion accessory, paving way for a fabulous finishing touch to any outfit.

6. Add sophistication to your look with a classy watch

Well consider a watch to be a timepiece or an accessory; it is a great way to complete your perfect look. It is an accessory that makes you look smart and professional at the same time, adding sophistication to your look. A rose gold watch is a great dressy option that is in high trend and goes outstandingly with every outfit.

7. Wear a necklace and you are ready for everything

Selecting jewelry essentials is a crucial task. It’s important to select it in such a way that it accents your current wardrobe. Necklaces do make a good impression. Having basic designs in your wardrobe can make a simple outfit look classy, strong and feminine. Wear it with a white t-shirt and you are ready for any sort of occasion.

8. A perfect bag for every occasion

The definition of the perfect bag in my dictionary is the one that works in all situations- whether it’s a business meeting, dinner with friends or weekend trip. Invest in a handbag that is beautiful and you carry it around easily all day.

9. Perfume should never be a remiss

The evocative nature of scent makes you feel fresh, confident and empowered. Your look will always remain incomplete without a spray of your favorite scent. It doesn’t matter whether you are getting ready for a party or office, use perfume to send a strong message to everyone who meets you.

10. Last but most important – A Piggy Bank

Hidden beneath the clothes should be a piggy bank in every Women’s wardrobe. Crave out some share from your monthly savings and keep depositing it in your piggy bank to start a virtuous cycle of buying new things for your closet and dumping the old ones.

To be irreplaceable one must always be different and to be different you should have your wardrobe occupied with some evergreen trends that will make you look elegant and classy without wasting your precious time.

“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.”


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