Zeta Meal Vouchers App Helps you Say Goodbye Paper, Hello Smartphone

Zeta Meal Vouchers App

Zeta, the newest product from the newest portfolio company of the Directi Group, has rolled out a Zeta Meal Vouchers App, which powers mobile-based meal voucher platform. And, are employees happy or not. Introduced for the first time in India, this solution simplifies life for HR managers (especially those in charge of compensation and benefits) as well as employees who don’t have to carry paper booklets. As a side benefit, you can make EXACT payments (63 INR for instance) – something, you can never do in the real world (you can make a payment for 65 INR and get two toffees in return).

HR managers will be provided with a simple browser based interface to initiate transfer of meal vouchers to all their employees at one go. Employees receive these vouchers on their smartphones via the meal vouchers app and start using them instantly. The vouchers can be used across any outlet for purchasing food and non-alcoholic beverages – irrespective of whether the outlet is a Zeta affiliated partner or not. This is how it actually works:

Watch How does the Zeta Meal Vouchers App launched by Zeta works?

Zeta is not just a boon for employees but also HR managers. They don’t have to do either of these:

  1. Source vouchers
  2. Store vouchers
  3. Check for expiry
  4. Distribute the vouchers
  5. Check who has still not got the vouchers and keep reminding them
  6. Deal with complaints of lost voucher books

The fact that these vouchers are available to employees on their smartphones does away with the need to carry bulky booklets or worry about vouchers being damaged or stolen or lost!

We are watching this space and rooting for Zeta. You should too. Ask your HR managers to try out Zeta now! Watch the full news coverage of the Zeta App launch here.

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